Stryker Corp. announces acquisition of Patton Surgical
February 17, 2012

SAN JOSE, CA, - Stryker Corporation’s Endoscopy division is pleased to announce the acquisition of Patton Surgical’s Passport® trocar line. Beginning in February 2012, Stryker will be re-launching the Passport® robotic camera port offering, which includes 8.5mm, 12mm, and 12mm Hasson options.

With the rapid expansion of robotic surgery, the Passport® robotic camera port was created with input from Intuitive Surgical to meet the needs of an increasing population of da Vinci® robot users. Stryker’s patented SmartTip™ technology offers users the unique ability to use the Passport® SmartTip™ trocar in either armed or unarmed mode. This technology provides multiple entry options with a single product, providing users a safe entry into the patient’s abdominal cavity no matter what their entry approach is.

Stryker’s 8.5mm Passport® SmartTip™ camera port is the first and only disposable 8.5mm trocar designed and validated for use with the da Vinci® S and Si endoscope. The 8.5mm Passport® comes equipped with a unique seal designed to reduce scope smudging. An integrated stopcock provides simple on/off control of insufflations throughout the procedure. In addition, the proximal end of the cannula fits the smooth mounting portion of Intuitive’s reusable camera port for easy attachment to the robotic arm. Lastly, three remote center bands on the distal tip of the trocar allow for proper port placement. The Passport® SmartTip™ 12mm trocar is also validated for use with the da Vinci® S and Si endoscope.

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SYK Part # Description
260-285-100 Passport® SmartTip™ Trocar, 8.5 x 100 mm, Robotic Camera Port, Stopcock
260-212-100 Passport® SmartTip™ Trocar, 12 x 100 mm, Robotic Camera Port, Stopcock
260-512-150 Passport® Blunt Tip Trocar, 12 x 150 mm, Robotic Camera Port, Stopcock (validation pending)

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